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  1. Ralph Jones

    My Great grandfather CORNELIUS SCRAFTON a was born 31/1/1847 and was a wheelwright and coach builder at barningham and married Alice Hodgson of Langleydale. Any information about them would be very helpful especially where they lived and worked. – thank you

  2. Norman Joseph Smith (Joe)

    Hi there
    I saw the front page announcement of an article on page 3 of Archive 4, Feb 2010, on John Todd Esq b 1928 Bignall, Yorkshire, who is my gr gr grand father, on my father’s side. I now call him ‘the Infamous John Todd’. 🙂 Nice to have some ‘colourful’ characters in my family tree.
    The article said his parents were not known, but I’m pretty sure I have found them and the line goes back to Jarvis Todd b about 1583 in Lincolnshire. Anyone can see this family tree on the free website, but one has to make a free account, which gives full access. It is a community run website and anyone can do research and update the information on people who have passed away. (Living people are blocked from public sight/access.) Here is the link if anyone is interested:
    best wishes, Joe

  3. Marilyn Taylor

    Hello, after years of searching I believe my ancestors are the Hutchinsons of Newsham/Earby Hall etc. but there are so many and often with the same names. My ancestor is I believe (lots of oddity here but plenty of DNA connections), Newby Hutchinson b.7.2.1818 and baptised 23.10.1818 at Kirby Ravensworth. His 2nd wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Wilkinson Hutchinson, daughter of Thomas Hutchinson and Isabella Wilkinson. This Thomas appears to have lived in Gales and Newsham and owned land there – I can see him in the ‘41,51,61,71 census. I am trying to discover whether he was the son of Francis and Anne Newby. I can see there is a Thomas that was buried at Barningham in 1782 and think maybe the Thomas I am looking for is the next child and received the same name. Any Hutchinson help would be appreciated. I would be happy to buy the booklet with the Kirby Ravensworth church B/d/m if it helps!

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  6. Hi Jon. What a lovely site. I will be visiting this area very soon & hope to visit the church. If anybody has any particular places of interest, in and around this area, it will be most welcome. Thanks.

  7. Paul Jenkins

    Hi from the USA,
    This site is great – what a splendid resource for Barningham and history buffs in general. I’m Paul Jenkins. I lived at the Old Rectory in the 1960’s / 70’s. I moved to Barningham from Sunderland in 1961 – hard to imagine a bigger contrast. Initially I attended primary school in Ravensworth, a one room schoolhouse presided over by the formidable Miss Ramsay who definitely did not believe in sparing the rod. She was assisted by Mrs. Cuthbertson from Barningham, wife of the Milbank Hall butler at the time. She was much nicer than Miss R. Later I went to Richmond Grammar school, after a fight with my dad. He wanted me to go to Barnard Castle school, but I didn’t want to board or wear short pants (ironic I wear them almost all the time now 😊).

    I’d planned to visit Barningham in 2018 during a Europe trip, and had contacted Angela about staying at the old homestead, but in the end, we skipped England to spend more time in Switzerland. More recently my mother-in-law in Huddersfield sent us an ad for Jon’s book from the Dalesman. I contacted him, and so decided to leave a comment here for what it’s worth.

    Now then to all, and best wishes to the BLHG

  8. Sorry, my email address is:
    Frank Horsman

  9. Dear Kevin Johnson
    I am researching the life of Rev Ralph Johnson (1629-1695). He was vicar of St Mary’s church in Brignall from 1656 until 1695. His father was William Johnson, an husbandman of Newsham. I note you have found William Johnson Esq in the 18th century. He might be a descendant of “my” William. Can you tell me what you know about William Esq., please. References would be most useful.
    I note the Johnsons operated the 2 schools, Newsham Place and Earby Hall. Ralph ran a school from, I believe, his parsonage in Brignall. He was a great naturalist with a particular interest in birds.He corresponded with John Ray, the leading British naturalist of his day. He has been overlooked, a situation which I intend to correct. He had a son, Francis, who died a young man.
    I have published on him and there is a 1945 paper on him.
    Any information you give me will be properly acknowledged.
    I hope you can help me.
    Yours sincerely,
    Dr Frank Horsman

  10. Charles Johnson

    If Kevin Johnson would like to contact me I may be able to help him with his family search.

  11. Dene James

    To John Thompson re Dorothy Storrale,as you have. I have a copy of her marriage lines to Philip in my possession and her signature which is hard to read looks quite like it is Storrow rather than the Storrale that you have. My Ann was your Margaret’s older sister. Dene

  12. So pleased to have been pointed in the direction of your website, it has confirmed some of the things I already knew about the Cole family, and given me lots of new information.
    The photographs bring back memories of my childhood holidays and bring my family history back to life. A rare treat
    Thank you

  13. Jan Tateson

    Thank you for your comments.I have now got my Atkinson Family in order.with the help of parish records and wills.Now I have to tackle the Westmorland family.Any help would be gratfully received.I know A Robert Westermorland Witnessed George Atkinsons will in 1767 and was exator to Elizabeth Atkinson nee Dent widow of George in 1769 .also a John Westmorland witnessed the marriage of George Atkinson 1733 and Elizabeth Westmorland thank you

  14. Jane Brown

    To Jan (feb 3 2013 message). I have this Westmorland/Atkinson marriage in my family tree, but no more information than you have.
    However, I did have indirect contact some years ago with a Mavis West, who is descended from this line. She lives/lived in Barningham but was not on the internet. Perhaps the Barningham people can put you in touch? Jane Brown

  15. Jan Tateson

    My grandfether was Joseph Atkinson 1808/1903 son of Thomas atkinson and Jane Pickering. Thomas was son of George Atkinson 1733/1815 and Elizabeth Westmorland .George was the son of George Atkinson (yoaman) and Elizabeth Hart allthe children where born in barnningham I would be interested if anyone has any imformation on the family Thank you Jan tateson

  16. Lynda Clarkson

    We are researching John Clarkson whose census records claim he was born in barningham in abt 1821. Our earliest record of him is his marriage banns in hawkshead 1848 to Isabella hadwen of kendal – from there we have been able to trace him via marriage certificate and census records. Marriage certificate states he was born in barningham and father was John deceased occupation groom. John born abt 1821 in barningham held a number of positions as butler in the hawkshead and Brathay areas and he and his wife died in 1895.

    We are here from Australia for another 9 days and hope someone can provide some hints – for example are the barningham records complete? We have found a baptism stating Ann Clarkson as his mother but no father – we have traced this Ann through the census and she disappears after 1861.

    Hope you can help


  17. John Thompson

    I love this site! Margaret Cockfield, one of my great great great grandmothers was baptised at St Michael’s, Barningham in april 1821. I think her parents were Philip Cockfield (1778-1839) and Dorothy Storrale (not Storrow/Stonah as given above), married at St Edmunds, Marske in 1804. Margaret married Henry Wardle, whose son John was born in Redworth, County Durham, 1846. John Wardle married Sarah Chamberlain, whose son Robert Henry Wardle was born in Bishop Auckland in 1876. Robert Henry wardle married Betsy Cubitt in Middlesbrough in 1897. One of their daughters, Alice, was my paternal grandmother. Alice Wardle married my paternal grandfather Samuel Thompson in 1921.

  18. Dene James

    Interesting site that you have here. I am interested in the Cockfield family who were in Barningham from about 1810 to Philip Cockfield who died there on the 7th June 1839 aged 61. I guess that he is buried at Barningham. He is believed to have been born at Hipswell. His daughter Ann Coates nee Cockfield was present at the death. His youngest daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Alice and Tamar were all born at Barningham from 1813 to about 1823. Philip was a labourer and married Dorothy Storrow/Stonah at Marske in 1804. Ann and her husband John Coates of Reeth then moved to Tow Law where they lived in the High Street and John had a tailoring business and Ann a grocery store. I have a photo of Ann. Thank you. Dene James

  19. I am trying to get in touch with the above Kevin Johnson if he lives near the hospital in Bury St Edmunds. kevin used to work for a school called The albany Centre and I am trying to reconnect with him.
    If I have the right person please can you get in touch with me at thank you.

  20. Kevin Johnson

    A long shot, but I wonder if anyone has any information about my ancestor, William Johnson, who held land in Newsham and Hudswell (according to tithe, land tax and enclosure records) from about 1770 to 1812. His children were all born in Hudswell between 1774 and 1786, but in the Hudswell enclosure awards of 1812 he is recorded as William Johnson Esquire of Newsham. I can’t find his birth (1750s/1760s?), or his marriage to Mary (1770ish?). Has anyone come across him, or any Johnsons in Newsham in the eighteenth century, and if so I should be very grateful if you would point me in the right direction.


    Kevin Johnson
    Bury St Edmunds

  21. Geoffrey White

    I’m trying to find information on my ggg-gm Margaret Monkhouse nee Coates, who lived at Spanham. Jonathan & Margaret married at K Ravensworth 1790; I’ve traced his origin in Eggleston, but she claimed to be born in Barningham about 1770. There were 2 Mary Coates baptized around that time: 1770 in Kirkby & 1771 in Bowes: could either of them be misreadings of Margt, perhaps?
    Thanks to Jon for his help so far.


  22. ann orton

    Has anyone out there got any information about the Old Wesleyan Chapel or any old photographs? Please email me or ring on 01833 621024 many thanks

  23. andrew grimston

    Great site. found it through the flyer. think iam going to join the squash ladder. Great old photos, i will send you an old sales flyer for the post office, from 1800’s

    Andrew & Melanie Post Cottage

  24. Helen Symonds

    Just received Archive 6 – next time I venture to the Milbank Arms I’ll be sure to hurry over my pint! 11 children in Heather Cottage?!?! Wonderful stuff! Thanks! Helen

  25. graham syres

    I am compiling my family history of the Scargills (of scargill castle).Does any one have any information that may be of help.It would be much appreciated,regards,Graham.

  26. Jackie

    THIS is a long shot, but I’m doing my family history and wonder if anyone can help.
    My grandmother was Hannah Bell, I think she may have been a maid. Her daughter Mary Bell, my mum, was born in 1921 and adopted as a child by Mr and Mrs Pearson who lived at Newsham House. I have a picture of her outside the house aged about eight and I believe she went to Dalton school.
    She had a child and later moved to The Nook (which I think has since changed its name). She later moved to South Wales UK in 1951/1952 and got married.
    A couple of years ago I came up and stayed in Barningham and went to see Sir Anthony Milbank who confirmed that Newsham House belongs to them.
    While I was there I went to the house and a very kind lady who lived there was good enough to show me and my friend her home (I was bowled over by her kindness) and was very grateful.
    She thought the house was used during the First World War by the Army as their HQ but I have not been able to get any information on this.
    Any information about Mary or Newsham House would be much appreciated

  27. Jon

    If you’ve visited this site, please
    leave a message so we know it’s working!

  28. Helen Symonds

    Fantastic photos – brought a little tear to my eye to see Barningham in all it’s (her?) nostalgic glory! Keep up the good work! Helen

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