Publications and The Archive

The local history group has produced a number of booklets including listings of all recorded Barningham burials, baptisms and marriages from 1503, and A-Z listings of all available census returns for Barningham, Newsham, Scargill, Brignall and Rokeby, and Dalton/Gayles/Kirby Hill.  All booklets are available in printed form – prices below – or you can download digital versions free using the links below.

To see the digital versions of the burials, marriages and baptism listings click on the links below.


BAPTISMS 1581-1950 digi

MARRIAGES 1581-1950 digi v2

To see lists of all Teesdale marriages 1837-1938 click on the link below:


Click on the links below to see the Barningham/Scargill, Newsham/New Forest,  Brignall/Rokeby and Dalton/Gayles/Kirby Hill records.





Details of the Barningham and Newsham 1921 census entries are available in our booklet Counted Volume 5, which you can see online free by clicking on the link below. It also includes details of Barningham electoral roll listings from 1920 to 1950 and the Barningham register (mini-census) of 1939.


JAM LETCH & JINGLE POTTS: History, maps and details of all Barningham fields. Click on the link below to see it:

Barningham Fields digi 2023 v1

Lists of Barningham Academy pupils at the time of the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses can be found using this link:

Barningham Academy pupils in census1841-1881

Our newsletter The Archive was named Local History Newsletter of the Year 2012 by the British Association for Local History. Scroll down this page to see a contents list for each issue with links for you to download the ones you’d like to see. Reformatting them as pdf files has meant some images have not reproduced well, but hard original copies of all back issues are available if you want them, £2 each + £1 p&p.

See below for details of booklets and Archive contents. Go to the Archive Index page to search for more details.











Where Lyeth Ye Bodies (available to download free from this site — see above)
A complete A-Z list of every known burial in Barningham since 1503, with a history and description of the church, transcriptions of all memorials in the graveyard, and maps. £10 + £1.50 p&p.   “An extraordinary book… a formidable labour of love that deserves to be a local best-seller” — The Northern Echo

martin cover






A Child of Hope
The childhood memories of a girl growing up on a remote Teesdale farm in mid-Victorian days, written in 1895 and first published in 2009. £5 + £1.50 p&p.






A Farmer’s Boy
Everyday life in the Gayles/Dalton area in mid-Victorian days, based on the autoboiography of Isaac Coates who emigrated to New Zealand in 1867.  Written by Merryne Watson. £10 + £1.50 p&p.

Vestry cover






Barningham Vestry Minutes
A transcript of the last Minutes Book, covering 1869-1894. £5 + £1 p&p.








Counted: Census returns 1841-1911. Volume 1: Barningham, Scargill & Hope; Volume 2: Newsham & New Forest; Volume 3: Brignall and Rokeby; Volume 4: Dalton, Gayles and Kirby Hill 
A complete A-Z of the census records, £10 per volume + £1.50 p&p (one) £2.70 (two or more). Available to download free from this website — see above.






Barningham Parish Meeting Minutes 1894-1931

A complete transcript of these meetings.  £5 + £1 p&p






 Aback to Yuvvin

A reprint of an 1849 glossary of Teesdale words, games and customs. £5 + £1 p&p.

Barningham Baptisms

Listings of all baptisms from 1580 to 1950, arranged by date, name and parents. Two volumes, covering 1580-1800 and 1801-1950. £10 each + £1.50 p&p (one), £2.70 (two). (available to download free from this site — see above)

Barningham Brides

Listings of all marriages from 1582-1950, arranged by date, groom and bride. £10 + £1.50 p&p. (available to download free from this site — see above)





A Fleeting Shadow

The 1784-85 diaries of James Coates, a young schoolmaster in Newsham. This is the first time all the exisiting diaries have been published. 120 pages, foreward, footnotes, photographs, index. £10 + £1.50 p&p. “Fascinating and intriguing reading… a valuable addition to our knowledge of 18th century local life” – The Local Historian






Jam Letch and Jingle Potts

A history of Barningham farms, fields and field names, with maps, index to owners and occupiers.  £10 + £1.50 p&p. Digital version available — see link above.









Short Butts and Sandy Bottom

Newsham farms, fields and field names at the time of the 1841 tithe apportionment, with maps, index to owners and occupiers.  £10 + £1.50 p&p.

But Not Forgotten

Portraits of people from the past – good, bad, lucky and ill-fated – reprinted from our history group newsletter The Archive.  Available free on this website – see separate page. Printed copy £10 + £1.50 p&p.

All the above are A5 booklets with laminated cover.


We have produced two DVDs of cine film of Barningham life in the 1960s and 1970s. Barningham Memories and Barningham Memories 2 are £10 each, plus £1.50 p&p. Sorry,  these have sold out and we have no copies currently available.

The Archive

Newsletter of the history group containing details of history group activities and details of members’ research.  Back issues £2 each + £1 p&p or download them free using the links below. See Archive Index page.

“A consistently well-produced and interesting publication, with news for local history group members and articles of interest to all local historians” — Citation when The Archive was awarded the Local History Newsletter of the Year Award by the British Association for Local History 2012.

Archive 1 (October 2009):  Features: Scargill School, Barningham charities, haymaking, war memorial. Notes: Alderson, Todd, Turner.  Letters: Robson, Hutchinson, Sellers, Binks.  Photos: church interior pre-1891, pupils 1900 and 1901, Birtwhistle 1906, Todd wedding 1913, Black Horse Inn 1916, Turner wedding 1922, Turner bus and garage 1922, haymaking 1950s.

Archive 1 pdf

Archive 2 (December 2009): Features: Barningham post service (Brass, Holmes, Birtwhistle, Shepherd, Atherton), Hollies postcard 1921, wells, house histories (Moor End, West End, Prospect House, West End Cottage), Alderson award 1860. Notes: Letters: Binks, Atkinson, Shepherd, Watson. Photos: village green 1900, church choir 1926, Brass/Brown wedding 1930, Coronation celebrations 1953,

Archive 2 pdf

Archive 3 (January 2010): Brown families, 1841 census (overview and focus on village pubs), Alderson/Coates links and will, parish bull 1878, house histories (Heath Cottages, The Nook), enclosures 1807.  Notes: Spenceley, Macdonald. Letters: James, Leonards, Atkinson, Watson. Photos: Brown family 1898, Bainbridge 1900, ladies’ cricket team 1929, Milbank wedding trip 1970, snow 1979.

Archive 3 pdf

Archive 4 (February 2010):  Features: John Todd (disgraced vestry clerk 1882), vestry meetings 1869-1894, great blizzard of 1900,  house histories (Heath House, Moor Lea), 1841 census trail (Pearson, Holmes, Wharton). Notes: Blumer, Jackson. Letters: Marriner, Armstrong, Hind. Photos: village green 1890/1920s, military band 1901, chapel sunday school pupils 1948.

Archive 4 pdf

Archive 5 (March 2010):  Features: Clockmaker Thomas Binks — both of them — and family tree, Low Lane mystery stone, Rectory hoard, parish magazines, Milbanks’ Byron bride, 1841 census trail (Wilkinsons, Heslop, Todd), house histories (Hill Top, Hillside).  Notes: Confirmation records, Jackson, Atkinson, Huchinson, Fawcett. Letters: Binks, Berry, Wilkinson, Longstaff. Photos: Village 1895, 1902, 1930; Jubilee 1977; Aldersons.

Archive 5 pdf

Archive 6 (April 2010):  Features: 1831 census details, Miss Cash — the first woman to venture into a parish meeting, vestry and parish meetings analyses, the 1928 Park House blaze, wartime childhood memories, 1841 census trail (The Academy, Lambs), house histories (Heather Cottage, Banks House), Neil’s Notes. Notes: The Archive Awards, Shepherd death. Letters: Coates, Thomas, Bell, cat-whipping. Photos: 1928 Park House, 1936 Turner children outside Sharon Cottage.

Archive 6 pdf

Archive 7 (May 2010):  Features: Ellwood Robinsons, old wills, 1609 enclosures, 1690 sale of Barningham Park to Milbanks, 1663 mill fire, 1930 Rokeby fire, Danish Hussar, 1841 census trail (Sowerby, Scrafton, Lambert, Ewbank), 1896 moor skeleton, Neil’s Notes, house histories (Woodbine, Ivy, Holly, Rose Cottages, Beornhow, Hillside update). Notes: Archaeology project. Letters: Scargill, women  in wartime. Photos: 1907 Ellwoods, Atkinsons of Hope.

Archive 7 pdf

Archive 8 (June 2010): Features: Hay Meadows Project, Barningham Atkinsons, 1838 Tithe Maps; 1841 census trail (Todds, Pinsents, Porter, Goundry), Teesdale Glossary, house histories (How Tallon, Shaw House, Byresbron, Brantfell, Raby View, North View). Letters: Marriners, Woodbine Cottages, Gjertsen, Aldersons, Dickens at Greta Bridge, Sowerbys. Photographs: 1904 Church Choir, Atkinson family, 1838 map.

Archive 8 pdf

Archive 9 (August 2010): Features: The 1862 by-election, 1841 census trail (Clarkson, Pearson, Monkhouse, Law, Bowman), house histories (East View, The Cottage, Rosebank Cottage), 1890 church renovation, the Sprent Bridge Ghost, Neil’s Notes. Letters: Binks, Porter, tithe maps, glossary, Upper Dales Family History group. Picture: Excerpt from Teesdale Mercury 1854. Photographs: Barningham green c1915, Sir Frederick Milbank, haytimers’ picnic c1950.

Archive 9 pdf

Archive 10 (September 2010): Features: Newsham history, 1838 Barningham occupants, census trail (update, Robinsons), house histories (The Laurels, Westoe), 1972 schoolgirl’s letter, 1888 school log. Letters: Kipling, Close, Todds. Photographs: 1950 cricket team, 1930s Newsham, Shepherd grave.

Archive 10 pdf

Archive 11 (October 2010): Features: Archive Award winners, Methodists and the Old Chapel, Molecatching, Agnes Robinson’s lost love, Scargill Castle, Todd v Milbank 1880, The Marriners of Barningham, Village School opening 1875, house histories (Elim Cottage). Letters: Farmers in wartime, South African link. Photographs: Sunday School pupils c1905.

Archive 11 pdf

Archive 12 (December 2010): Features: Goodall wedding 1930, Whitby Museums visit, BBC magazine feature, 1817 valuation, Bell/Pearson families of Newsham, WWI soldier, 1841 census trail (Nicholsons, Coates, Nelson, Hardy, Proctor, Lee), Barningham butler, house histories (Heatherlands, Gillback House), DVD notes. Letters: Holmes family, Ellwoods.  Index to all Archives 1-12.

Archive 12 pdf

Archive 13 (January 2011): Features: Missing clock, village school and teachers 1684-1944, house histories (The Yews, Post Cottage), 1841 census trail (Cockfield, Walker, Garforth, Elliott, Appleby, Carter, Moore, Alderson, Bainbridge, Pearson), 1893 waxworks show. Letters: Judsons, Westmarlands, Clarksons, Cameron/Collinson, Wiseman. Photo: giant monkey puzzle tree, pupils 1897, pupils 1926.

Archive 13 pdf

Archive 14 (February 2011): Features: Barningham church pew allocation 1655; church roll 1932; 1841 census trail (Clarkson, Smithson, Metcalfe, Anderson); Gjertsens; house histories (Britannia Cottage, 1 & 2 Park View, Smithy Cottage, Old Smithy); Miss McCulloch’s lost legacy; Texas Lanny’s links to Barningham and the gods. Letters: Dent tragedy 1871, schoolmaster’s pay 1819, Squance, Coates, Cameron, Wilkinson. Photos: Etherington children 1911, New Year fundraiser.

Archive 14 pdf

Archive 15 (March 2011): Features: Brides and baptisms 1580-1800 analysis;  trout imports 1889; William Todd’s will 1857;  Barningham moor stints 1843-; nightmare in Newsham 1832; house history (Park View); 1841 census trail (Muncaster, Sowerby). Letters: Bridges, Scargill school, Marriners, Johnsons, Seymour, Lees Seattle link, Hunts. Photos: Winter 1963, Park View dovecot.

Archive 15 pdf

Archive 16 (April 2011): Features: Captain Joseph Hanby RN; 1841 census trail (Carter, Barker, Hutchinson, Chapman, Sowerby, Jackson, Kirkley); Rev Crauford Bowen’s 1877 balloon trip; Lee family emigrees to Nebraska; house histories (Peartree Cottage, Sunniside, Fountain View, Hawthorn Cottage). Letters: Newsham pubs, Sayers, Allisons, Fairview, Marriners, Merryweather, Dent, Hunt. Photos: WI fete 1956, Newsham forge c1900, old vehicles.

Archive 16 pdf

Archive 17 (June 2011): Features: Rev E. Spencer Gough and Augustus Morand; Teesdale’s Napoleonic ‘invasion’; 1896 street lighting veto; Rosser family and USA; house history (Fountain Cottage); 1841 census trail (Harrison, Spooner, Metcalfe, Thexton, Moss, Johnson, Wiseman, Swire); 1892 servant whipping court case; 1760 Thomas Head will; 1609 Newsham wall destruction; headmasters; 1904-05 school log; 1864 wild man; Rev Richard Alderson.  Letters: Hind, Alsop, Heslop, Lee, women in wartime. Photos: 1927 punch and judy, 1905 shooting party.

Archive 17 pdf

Archive 18 (July 2011): Features: Rokeby Hall; Cricket in 1855; Barningham’s apocalyptic methodist of 1763; Dalton/Gayles in the mid-1860s; Coates family and New Zealand emigrants; governesses; house history: Sharon Cottage; 1841 census trail (Etherington, Grainger, Harrison, Clarkson, Todd); Teesdale’s battle for a railway. Letters: Ann Heys’ family research; Mawsons; Gough; Bowes well. Photos: Chrstopher and Jane Brown, 1890s; railway disaster of 1905.

Archive 18 pdf

Archive 19 (September 2011): Features: Barningham Reading Room – and missing clock; Victorian butter-making; Binchester dig; Poacher George; How Tallon wartime bomber crash; September 1891 — a memorable month; 1841 census trail (Waggott, Atkinson, Binks, Jennison, Bellwood, Craggs); House histories (Kavenbury, Granville); Reluctant bridegroom. Letters: Thomas family 1891; Hay Time; Academy pupils; Rodhams; Gibsons.

Archive 19 pdf

Archive 20 (October 2011): Features: Barningham field barns; 2011 Archive Award winners; Reading room papers; Boy sweeps; 1841 census trail (Littelfair, Coates, Shaw, Thompson, Brown, Gibbon, Nelson); Barningham survey 2011; House histories (Manor House Farm); Scargill school terror 1896; old recipes (red wound ointment, honey of roses, herring-pie). Letters: Cockfields and Coates; Hogg; rosehips; Newsham memories postwar; Academy pupils 1860s.

Archive 20 pdf

Archive 21 (November 2011): Features: Lest you forget: Christopher Brown Johnson; Rosehip picking; clogs; Haytime book; Penny Readings; Westmarland family; house histories (Fairview, Fairview Cottage); old recipes (hedgerow jellies); farmer’s tragic trip 1869. Letters: Chapman, McDonalds, Applebys, Tweddalls, Nelsons, Westmarland.

Archive 21 pdf

Archive 22 (December 2011): Features: York visit; Nor Beck bridges; Glebe Lands; Phoenix Park murders; Girl in White ghost; Langirls & lumberjills; Christmas 1891; Postman’s shot dog 1872; old recipes (Yorkshire goose pie); 1841 trail (Westmarlands, Lax, Nelson, Coulthard, Clarkson, Hodgson, Thompson, Harrison). Letters: Hunters, Westmarland, Fairview, Todd, woman photographer. Index to issues 1-22.

Archive 22 pdf

Archive 23 (February 2012): Features: Primitive Methodists; Truancy court case 1886; family pig; 1841 trail (Wiseman, Neesom, Hooker, Johnson, Moss, Waistell, Macdonald, Harland); house history (Rectory, Old Rectory, Glebe Farm); Devil-beating; Reading Room rules; coal carrier; old recipes (Martlemas Beef, Pot Pourri). Photos: Wings for Victory 1945, Milbanks 1890s, church choir 1904, Newsham Mill Dame 1890, George Alderson 1970s.

Archive 23 pdf

Archive 24 (March 2012):  Features: Lime kiln restoration plan, Lennard family history, Hearth Tax list, Reading Room minutes, House history (The Gatehouse), Bulls, Newsham Mission Hut, Court cases from 1888 and 1899, Archive wins BALH award, Old recipes 1669 (Cake, Black pudding). Photos: Maughan family 1946, Barningham pupils 1939, Milk churns.

Archive 24 pdf

Archive 25 (May 2012): Features: Durhan Gaol escape 1774, The 1849 Railway plans, 1897 Jubilee celebrations, House Histories (Church View), Hero who saved Sir Frederick, Rise and fall of Cow Club, Old recipes (Hedgehog), 1841 census trail (Lees, Walker, Stephenson, Heslop), Hearth Tax lists (Newsham, Dalton, Gayles, Kirby Hll, Scargill, Brignall, Rokeby), Barningham barns, Ancient grave on moor, Locked-out landlord, Newsletter award reaction, Village Hall clock fund. Letters: Ann Hagen’s new-found sister, Cockfields and Coates, Berminghams and Vyncents, Coates again (mystery butler), Cole family reunion plans. Pictures: Lennard family 1870s.

Archive 25 pdf

Archive 26 (July 2012): Features: James Coates diaries 1784-85; Hero’s violin; Academy pupil held hostage; 1800 map discovery; 1953 Coronation; Pipes Tavern; Servants’ choir; Court stories; Patent medicines; House history: the Milbank Arms; Baccy Harry; Illegal weddings; BALH award. Letters: Field barns, Milbank jockey, Greta Bridge ghosts, 1950s cricket. Pictures: Village clock unveiling, Newsham Place, Dun Cow Newsham, Newsham 1926, cricketers 1957, Morritt Arms c1945.

Archive 26 pdf

Archive 27 (August 2012): Features: Newsham’s lost inns; Barningham field names; Cole family history & reunion; 1916 letter from the Front; First cars in Teesdale; House histories – Reading Room Cottages; First whist drive 1912; Newsham body in the beck 1856. Letters: Murgatroyd pupils at Academy 1851; Newsham Mill. Photos: Black Bull Inn Newsham c1900; Cole family 1850-2012.

Archive 27 pdf

Archive 28 (September 2012): Features: 2012 Archive Award winners; Lodge family 1896 tragedies; organ fund 1899; field names; 1849 railway update; Sussex Milbank 1827-1877; house history -Virginia Cottage; Newsham profile 1926; group visit to Carlisle. Letters: Upper Dales FHG, Scott exhibition. Photos: Barningham garage c1920.

Archive 28 pdf

Archive 29 (November 2012): Features: Lest we forget: William Barnett; Kexwith Hannah’s legacy; Barningham water supply 1912; Sussex Milbank and the circus girl; house history – The Hollies; Newsham in 1945; rods, roods and perches; Teesdale Mercury 1855-1954 goes online.  Letters: Brown family, field names. Photos: Sir Powlett Milbank chooting party 1911, Newsham 1920s.

Archive 29 pdf

Archive 30 (December 2012): Features: Frances McCulloch’s fortune; Cameron family; Marriners; Rossers; Sussex Milbank, Hawsteads and mystery legacy; first telephones; Dalton in 1945; Rokeby Rembrandt; full Archive index 1-30. Photos: Smallways Inn 1920s.

Archive 30 pdf

Archive 31 (February 2013): Features: Maypoles and murder bids 1787; the Barningham Blondin;  Moor Lea memories 1930s; Gayles 1945. Letters:  ice cream sellers; Horsmans. Photos: post office c1920, New Year social, lime kilns re-opening.

Archive 31 pdf

Archive 32 (March 2013): Features: Newsham phone-box; Rev Williuam Wharton, inventor; Newsham tithe map 1841; bus rivalries 1920s; snow ordeal 1933; House history: Newby House; Dalton mill childhood. Letters: Byers, McDonalds, Martins, Marriners, Atkinsons. Photos: Observer Corps 1941; steam ploughs.

Archive 32 pdf

Archive 33 (April 2013): Features: Newsham workhouse; Census records for Dalton Gayles & Kirby Hill; North Eastern Railway tile maps; House history: Wilson House; Stapleton buses; More mill memories; Wild Man of the Moor. Letters: McArdle (Grahams), Westmorlands, Whartons; Sir Neville Marriner link. Photos: Bainbridge children 1904, haymaking 1950s, Dalton School pupils 1911.

Archive 33 pdf

Archive 34 (June 2013): Features: Sisters’ battle over innkeeper Ben’s will; Wings for Victory 1943; Napoleon fete 1855; Crooks House history; tragic toddler 1879; history day at Durham. Letters: Walkers of Woodbine Cottage, Cole family, Waltons, PoWs, war memorials. Photos: Church choir 1901, Walkers, Cole, Walton, Butler, Gill.

Archive 34 pdf

Archive 35 (August 2013): Features: 1804 map; holiday postcard 1932; village school and charities; Kirby Hill ritual; Wharton wedding 1859; Saunders house history. Letters: Coles, Hutchinsons, Walkers, Brasses, Kitchens. Photos: Maids, grouse shooting 1900.

Archive 35 PDF

Archive 36 (September 2013): Features: Award winners; Todd wedding 1913; Dalton Mill; Newsham Pinders; Bragg House history; old postcards. Letters: Rudyard Kipling link, Brass bands, Saunders House. Photos: Village games 1913, grouse shooters 1920s.

Archive 36 pdf

Archive 37  (November 2013): Features: Lartington Hall; Robert Sayer, WW1; Dalton village hall; Gordale House, Cow Close House, Moorcock histories; Postman’s ordeal 1900; Deaodands at Newsham 1830s. Letters: Leggetts, Todds. Photos: Morritt recruiting drive 1914, Bird house 1920s.

Archive 37 pdf

Archive 38  (December 2013): Features: Two Victor Leggetts, Barningham Kiplings Part 1, Thomas de Rokeby, Cockfield Fell, Haythwaite history, 1866 proposal, missing evacuee, 1901 postcard, full index to Archives 1-38. Letters: Lartington Hall, Cockfield family. Photo: 1956 Christmas party.

Archive 38 pdf

Archive 39  (February 2014): Features: 1918 auction; Hawstead & Sussex House history; vanished houses; 1904 almanacks; Brother George; Barningham Kiplings Part2. Letters: air crash, Johnsons. Photos: Barningham House 1900, Newsham wedding c1930, Todds 1933.

Archive 39 pdf

Archive 40  (March 2014): Features:  WW1 trenches survivor’s diaries; 1942 bomber crash; Barningham ‘news’ 1929; Geoffrey Smith; Kiplings of Gayles missing papal medallions; 1895 stints warning; Victorian solicitors; tile map; potato picking. Letters: Todds, Robinsons, Durham Hymns project, Gladysville. Photos: pupils 1910, Leggett family album, ladies’ cricket c 1890, bus trip c1920.

Archive 40 pdf

Archive 41  (May 2014): Features: Lowes family; Stapleton buses; Sowerby family; Hope family; Hutchinsons at Saunders House; Workhouse history; war memorial; Kiplings; Domesday Books. Letters: Leggett, Sowerby. Photos: Lowes, buses, Hutchinsons.

Archive 41 pdf

Archive 42  (July 2014): Features: WW1 plaque; Sowerbys; 1927 eclipse; YVBSG visit; 1919 wedding; workhouse; Kiplings; 1865 gala. Letters: Lowes, Milbanks, Binks, Leggetts, Currie, Stoddarts, Cherry. Photos: 1947 football team, Hutchinsons 1919.

Archive 42 pdf

Archive 43  (September 2014): Features: Green phone box; WWI Roll of Honour; Memories of Spanham; Peacock family; village walkabout; William Stapleton’s 1799 will; Victorian diaries; Kiplings of Barnard Castle; Westmarland family; Rokeby family; 1938 tragedy. Letters: Macfadyens, Robinsons, Coates. Photos: Newsham aerial view 1964.

Archive 43 pdf

Archive 44 (December 2014): Rokeby family; Robinson family link-up; Academy plaque; Rudyard Kipling; 70-year search for PoW’s grave; Crime statistics 1895. Letters: Jefferis 1960s memories; Coates, White & Usher families; Typhoid 1929. Photos: WI party 1956. Index update 2009-2014.

Archive 44 pdf

Archive 45 (February 2015): Rector’s silver salver returns; Evacuee memories; Computer pioneer Ada; Indian Mutiny letter; Battle of Grindstone Garth; Judson family; Squeers’ basin; Dunn sisters’ links to carpet industry. Letters: Kitchen and Hirst, Robinsons, typhoid, Hutchinsons, Lodges. Photos: Kitchen, Hirst, Robinson, Dunn.

Archive 45 pdf

Archive 46 (April 2015): Salver presentation; England family; Tootle’s turnpike tussle; Lodge family; Lead mining; Anderson bible; Cocklebury origins; General Elections down the years; Rokeby Polka; DNA testing; Greta Bridge courts history; Kiplings in Bowes; Recusants. Letters: Smith, Elliotts, Allisons. Photos: Grouse shooting 1910.

Archive 46 pdf

Archive 47 (June 2015): Young Farmers 1951; Postmen; Rokeby wedding 1914; Mail coach robbery 1818; Greta Bridge postmaster 1837; Mill Hill; Weddings 1719-1922; Academy rivals 1827. Letters: Andersons & Watsons; Englands; lottery funding; museum appeal. Photos: Grouse shoot 1909, VE Day phone box, Dalton YF 1951, Old Faithful steam engine 1950s.

Archive 47 pdf

Archive 48 (August 2015): Visit to Slei Gill leadmine; early mill evidence; Harry Milbank, duellist; poetic call to arms, 1877;  century-old film footage online; more Kiplings in Bowes; lost settlement at Whale; 1911 suicide. Letters: Bowes charity, 1909 grouse-shooting. Photos: 1911 schoolchildren.

Archive 48 pdf

Archive 49 (October 2015): Archive Awards; Stapleton buses; Barningham school 1930s; WW1 Roll of Honour; Richmondshire Museum visit; Barningham knights; Farm buildings survey; Mill Hill; Kipling family; Barningham Hall locomotive; Rector’s repair bill 1925. Letters: Academy pupils; Binks family; Greta crossing. Photos: Harry Milbank in action; Pupils 1934.

Archive 49 pdf

Archive 50 (December 2015): History of Barningham WI; Double murder 1845; Greta Bridge pioneer detective; WW2 observation posts. Letters: Roll of honour; Waistells and Wilkinsons; School origins.

Archive 50 pdf

Archive 51 (March 2016): WW1 soldier back from the dead; Scotch Corner discoveries; Victorian police inspector’s tragic death; history of Dalton & Gayles WI; 1825 diary; Teesdale Mercury online archive update. Letters: Westmarland family 1900, Academy documents, Thompson family 1700s, Ladies cricket team 1929, Pennock family, Leggett family 1890s. Photos: Grouse shooting 1912.

Archive 51 publisher pdf

Archive 52 (July 2016): Newsham Estate sale 1895; Reeth tour; 1783 eclipse; palaeography; YVBSG report; Constable family history; Graham v Graham 1919; Sgt Slack, sleuth-hound. Letters: Watson, Westgarth, Leggett, Lee, ancient monuments list. Photos: Cole wedding 1930, Somme commemoration.

Archive 52 publisher pdf

Archive 53 (November 2016): Archive Award winners 2016; Well-dressed knights; Percy the WW1 cat; Old wills; Newsham Parish Meeting minutes; Gayles Australian links; Coalman’s miracle escape 1882; Manor Farm auction 1908.  Letters: Jackson’s garage,  Academy, Alsops.

Archive 53 publisher pdf

Archive 54 (December 2016): Leggett family; village life during WW1; Macfadyen family; Newsham tithe map. Letters: Hutton garage; Bowrans; Waistells.

Archive 54 publisher pdf

Archive 55 (June 2017): Holgate history; Brignall excavations; Hawkridge family; Squeers; Hutton Magna photos; Coates; Dunns; Sowerbys; Alsops; Scraftons; ‘Cat jugs’; one-armed cricket.

Archive 55 publisher pdf

Archive 56 (December 2017): Reading Room history & minutes  transcription; 2017 award winners; Binchester Roman fort visit; hall  chauffeur; pioneer photographer; Victorian deer-stalkers; sweethearts’ graveyard reunion; rare car; Nor Beck trail; occupational surnames. Letters: Wackford Squeers; Coates family; Thompsons; McDonalds; Coles; Johnsons & Nelsons.

Archive 56 pdf

Archive 57 (February 2019): One-legged Willy’s murder trial; Michael Faraday letter; Winston canal plans; Rector’s wife’s gifts; Pub archaeological research; Bands of Hope; County Record Office move. Letters: Carters, Steads, Applebys, Shaws, Macdonalds, Wards, Dunns, Hardys, Bells. Photos: Parkin Raine Collection, Dyson farm 1920s, Whorlton toll bridge 1880s.

Archive 57 pdf

Archive 58 (July 2019): Josephine Bowes; Rokeby VC; long-lost tracks; Academy letters; dog licence chaos 1906; Gayles House farm; 1918 flu epidemic. Letters: Bowrons, Hinds, Milbank. Photos: yesterday’s brides.

Archive 58 pdf

Archive 59 (November 2019): George Harrison, fraudulent marshall-general; Newbys; Atkinsons; Coates; Walkers; Storeys; 1654 marriage deed; maps; Sidney Trery; Robert Weatherell; history & heritage centre; Barningham book. Photos: Bayles;

Archive 59

Archive 60 (December 2020): Maypole relic, Mrs Preston, Ravensworth schooldays, Durham Heritage Hub, Marriner will, Archive Quiz. Letters: Binks, Johnson, Hetherington, Heslop, Brass, Bowran, England, Lerigo.

Archive 60

Archive 61 (November 2021): Neil Turner Memorial Issue

Archive Neil special 2f


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