Old pictures

Cookery wagon on the green c1920. Featured in Archives 9 & 10.

This is a gallery of old photos of Barningham and its people. Below is an initial selection of pictures that have appeared in our newsletter, The Archive.  More will be added as we find them.

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If you have similar photographs we’d love to see them and add them to this gallery.

c 1920: Barningham Park butler Joseph Leggett, his wife Eleanor, and mother-in-law Jane Boddy (see Archive 12)

Lady Verena Milbank open the WI fete in 1956. (Archive 16)

1930: Newly-weds George & Betty Goodall (see Archive 12)

Shooting party 1911: From left, two unknown; William Barnett; Sir Powlett Milbank?

1930: Guests at Goodall wedding (see Archive 12)


Blacksmith Ralph Hind outside his Newsham forge around 1900. (Archive 16)


Sunday School pupils in the old chapel, c1900

Landlord Eric Licence with his pipe collection in the Pipes Tavern, Newsham, 1954. Featured in Archive 26.


Mary, Annie and Agnes Robinson, c1910. See Acrhive 11

The Black Horse Inn, c1910. Now Elim Cottage. See Acrhive 11.

Barningham Cricket Club, 1950. Featured in Archive 10.

Sir Frederick Acclom Milbank, caricatured in Vanity Fair, 1875. Featured in Archive 9.

Part of the 1838 Tithe Map of Barningham

John Atkinson (1862-1937) of Wilson House

1915: Joseph Metcalfe (1890-1970) and his bride Gertrude Atkinson on honeymoon in Blackpool

William Atkinson (1859-1933) and his wife Agnes (nee Bainbridge, 1861-1927) of Crooks House

1904: Barningham Church Choir on an outing to Cliffe. Look at those hats!

Postcard 1921 a

Postcard, 1921: Sent from The Hollies, Barningham, it shows the Hall, church, pub, Moor Lea and Fern Fall on the moor. Featured in Archive 2


schoolboys 1900 a

Barningham pupils 1900: 32 boys, lined up outside the village school. Featured in Archive 1.


The Lee family from Barningham who emigrated to Nebraska, pictured c 1900. (Archive 16)

Brass-Brown wdg 1930 a

Wedding day 1930: George Herbert Brass and Hilda Brown. Featured in Archive 2.Sir Frederick Acclom Milbank, caricatured in Vanity Fair 1875. Featured in Archive 9.


Post Ladies 1903 a

Edwardian ladies, 1903: Walking past The Yews and, right, outside the Post Office. Featured in Archive 2.


hezekiah a

Shooting party, 1906: Barningham gamekeeper Hezekiah Birtwhistle (1849-1923) with beaters on Barningham moor. Featured in Archive 1.


black horse 1916 a

Black Horse Inn, c.1916: Pictured just before it was bought by the village’s methodist minister and closed down. Now a private house, Elim Cottage. Featured in Archive 1.


Group on green 1900 a

Village green, 1900: In the background is Newby House, then called The Terrace and from 1780 to about 1880 The Academy boarding school. Featured in Archive 2.size


haymakers a

Haymakers, 1950s: Local people taking hay from the village green. Featured in Archive 1.


Butcher 1900 a

Butcher and cart, c.1900: Johnny Bainbridge making deliveries.


School pupils 1901 a

Schoolchildren 1901: Winners of awards for good attendance at Barningham school. Featured in Archive 1. size


Sams bus a

Village bus, 1922: Owner Sam Turner with The Gypsy Queen: on the right, his taxi. Featured in Archive 1.


Races 1913 a

Races 1913: Village sports to celebration the wedding of Mary Jane Todd. Featured in Archive 1.


Ladies’ cricket team, 1929: We can name three of them — 1 Annie Bainbridge, 2 Jenny Lowes, 3 Mrs Lowes. Anyone identify more? Featured in Archive 3.










Off to London, 1970: The day of the big Milbank wedding at St Margaret’s, Westminster (the Queen Mum was at the reception), and here are Barningham Hall staff and estate workers who were invited, waiting for their train at Bank Top station. Back: Mr and Mrs Coates, L Wardle, Raymond Johnson, George Goodall, Les Ridley, Ethel Bulmer; Front: Tom Gill, Mrs Cuthbertson, Nan Maughan, Edith ??, Mr and Mrs Preston. Featured in Archive 3.













Family trip, 1898: George and Susannah Brown set off from Barningham House with their son Edward, and unidentified baby and its mother (or nurse?). Featured in Archive 3.










Barningham Rectory, c1900. The rector, the Rev Edwin Spencer Gough, can just be see coming round the corner from the church

Barningham Chapel Sunday School 1948

Birmingham??? Postcard from c1895

View from outside Hillside down the village, c1890

Jubilee fancy dress 1977: Trevor Turner pushing Graham Lowes in the pram; Les Ridley (left), Ken Powell (centre), Ronnie Gill (right).

David Slack Alderson and family at Hill Top 1902

1927: Rebuilding Park House farm after it was gutted by fire. Featured In Archive 6

1936: Brenda, Sylvia and Lloyd Turner on the village green. The house behind them was Sharon Cottage, now demolished and the site today of Curlew House. Featured in Archive 6

2.Church choir, 1926: Lady Dorothy Milbank in the centre, the Rev Percy Dodd at the back. Featured in Archive 2.

1907: Ellwood Robinson family at High Barn, Hope. Featured in Archive 7.

1916: John Peacock, killed in action October 31 1918 (see Archive 12)

c1910: Jane Alderson (1856-1927) of East Hope. Featured in Archive 7.

1920s: Haymaking at Hope. Featured in Archive 7.

The monkey puzzle tree – one of the tallest in the country – pictured in 1929. It was taken down in the 1990s.

Hannah & Bobby Etherington 1911. See Archive 14

Stapleton’s ‘Pride of the Road’, believed to be the first bus running regularly between Barningham and Darlington, c 1920. (Archive 16)


Fountain Cottage c1900. From Archive 17.

1927 church fete, fancy dress and punch and judy show. From Archive 17


1905 shooting party st Barningham Park. From Archive 17


Christoppher & Jane Brown of Newsham, c1890. See Archive 18.


Rail disaster 1905: see Archive 18. Picture courtesy of The Northern Echo

Haymaking at Early Lodge in the 1920s

Haymaking in the 1920s: Fred Wilkinson gathering the crop at Scargill

Barningham Estate joiner Charlie Brown signing out ooks to Hector Ogle in the Reading Room, c1947

Barnngham schoolmaster’s wife Louisa Thomas (seated right) with children Mary, Henry and Florence, their grandmother Sarah and, at the back, Jouisa’s sister Rachel in 1892

The Brass family in the early 1960s: back, Neville, Irene & George jnr; centre, Ruby, Robert, Ann, Nancy, George snr & Rose; front, Edna & Christine.

Alice Coates, 1860

Elizabeth Ann Coates, 1811-1872

William Todd and friends c1900

Barningham pupils 1939 (from Archive 24)

Leading churns to the milk lorry, Hope c 1925 (from Archive 24)

The Maughan family in fancy dress, 1946 (from Archive 24)

Leonard family, c1870 (Archive 25)

Black Bull Inn, Newsham, c1900 (see Archive 27)

Ben Cole (born 1850), landlord of Smallways Inn c1900 (Archive 27)

Thomas Cole (1881-1917) and family, c1914 (Archive 27)Barningham Church Choir, 1901 (Archive 34)

Church choir 1901

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