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Electoral rolls: We have added a new page with lists of electors and their addresses 1920-1950.

Our latest publications

YOU can look up the names of every Barningham bride and baby from 1580 to 1950 in the BLHG booklets, Barningham Brides and Barningham Baptisms.
The Brides book lists every wedding (and every set of banns) by date, by bride’s name and by groom. The Baptism books have lists arranged by date, baby’s name, mother’s name and father’s. Both publications include additional detail, such as where people were living and actual dates of birth, if this information is known, and we have offered many suggestions about possible family links based on our group records. The result is that it takes only minutes to track down whole families and trace them back over the centuries. (If you’ve got our burials lists, Where Lyeth Ye Bodies, and A-Z census records Counted, it’s even quicker). See our Publication page for details.

JAM LETCH & JINGLE POTTS is a history of Barningham farming, farms and field names.

A complete A-Z of all Barningham, Newsham, Brignall/Rokeby and Dalton/Gayles/ Kirby Hill census records from 1841-1911 is now available. See Publications.

We’ve also published A Farmer’s Boy, a lengthy series of articles written by local historian Merryne Watson in the 1970s about life in Dalton and Gayles in mid-Victorian days, and A Fleeting Shadow, the diaries of a young schoolmaster in Newsham in the late 1700s.

Next BLHG meeting: Tuesday March 21st, 6pm in the Village Hall.

Archive 54: Now available.

Evie Ridgway’s video about Barningham (too big to fit on this website!) can be seen at — just type ‘Barningham’ in the Search box and up it comes. It’s had scores of viewers already.

DVD: Copies of DVDs containing cine film of village people in the 1950s and 1960s are available from Eric Duggan, BLHG treasurer — see home page for contact details.

Tithe maps: A full-size replica of the 1838 Barningham tithe map has been made and is now in the village hall. Digital copies of this and the Newsham tithe map are available from the history group.

Photos: The Archive welcomes pictures of Barningham and its people in the past. If you have any — or know anyone who does – please let us copy them for reproduction. They’ll go on this website, too — preserved for posterity!

Notices: If you’d like to put items on this noticeboard — including requests for information about family trees  —  please go to the Contact Us page

The Clock: We’ve replaced the village hall clock – click on the  link on the right  for more information. The original clock vanished long ago – listen to the story by clicking on the links below (be patient, there’s some rubbish before it gets to it)

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