Barningham Parish Meeting

Barningham Parish Meeting normally meets at least twice a year: an annual general meeting in spring and an ordinary meeting in autumn to discuss parish finance, set the precept for the coming financial year and determine tenancy of the parish-owned Bull Acre. Other meetings may be called if required.

All electors living in the parish are members of the Meeting and are welcome to attend and contribute to discussions; all electors have equal voting rights.

The 2020 AGM was postponed because of the coronavirus epidemic and a 2020/2021 AGM was held on Thursday May 27th 2021, an open meeting in the village hall with appropriate corona safeguards. The minutes will appear on this website when available.

To see the agenda click on this link:

BPM agenda 5

To see the recommended application for extended parish meeting powers, click on this link:

BPM application

To see the latest treasurer’s report and finance statement, click on the links below:

BPM Treasurer’s Report 2021

BPM Balance 2021

Meanwhile, if you have issues you want to raise with parish meeting officials, please contact us  – details below.

An online virtual meeting to discuss finances, including the precept for 2020-21, was held on Thursday November 26th 2020 at 7pm – please see the Parish Meeting Finance page for full details.

The 2019 AGM was held on April 23rd 2019. A meeting to discuss  financial matters was held on November 19th 2019, when a 2020-2021 precept was set of £3,650. This covered, among other things, mowing the village green and village hall repairs.

Details of how the parish meeting operates can be seen in this document: MeetingsofParishMeetings (2)

Minutes of recent meetings:

2020 Special Meeting Minutes (1)

BPM AGM 2019 mins

2018 Special Meeting Minutes (November 27 2018)

2018 AGM minutes (April 24th 2018)

2017 Special and Ordinary Meeting Minutes (November 28 2017)

Minutes of Special Meeting on Milbank Arms 24 October 2017 

2017 AGM minutes (April 25 2017)

2016-agm-minutes (AGM April 2016)

special-meeting-minutes-march-2016 (Bull Acre March 2016)

2015-special-and-ordinary-meeting-minutes (Finance November 2015)

2015 AGM minutes (AGM April 2015)

BPM (Finance meeting November 2014)

AGM (AGM April 2014)

Finance documents

See the finance page for 2019 audit and 2020 finance documents

Variance Statement 2018-19

Final Bal stat. 2018-19

Expend over £100

BPM AGAR Cert of Exemption 2018-19

Bank Reconciliation

Asset Register 2018-19

BPM AGAR A_C statement 2018_19

BPM AGAR Gov statement 2018_19

BPM AGAR Int Audit 2018_19

Village Hall policy documents

Current policies relating to equal opportunities, health and safety, child protection and vulnerable adults can be found on the Village Hall page.

Wind Turbine:

Documents relating to the proposed wind turbine at High Leazes:

2-PAC PC Barningham Parish meeting letter 09.09.15

5-PAC Site plan

6-PAC Turbine Elevation


Chairman: Jon Smith, Heath House, Barningham, Richmond, N/Yorks DL11 7DU. Telephone 01833 621374, Email

Clerk: Robin Brooks, Park View, Barningham, Richmond, N/Yorkshire DL11 7DW. Telephone 01833 621203. Email

Treasurer: Phil Hunt, Ivy Cottage, Barningham, Richmond, N/Yorkshire DL11 7DU. Telephone 01833 621253. Email



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